Boogie Bunnies

Boogie Bunnies

Have fun saving bunnies with this easy to play puzzle game


  • Fast to play
  • Pleasant graphics
  • Multiplayer mode


  • Difficult to tell the difference between Arcade, Classic and Time game modes

Very good
Boogie Bunnies is a puzzle game in which you have to 'save' the highest number of rabbits from falling into a river in order to complete each level. The way you do it is by matching the little animals by colours so that when you form a group of at least 3 bunnies they ‘disappear’ in front of you. You can stick rabbits together either in vertical or horizontal lines, but never diagonally. This is to say, the play field is essentially a perfectly square grid, densely packed with animals.

At the bottom of the screen there's a progress meter that slowly fills up when you save your friends. Once the meter is filled, you progress to the next round. As bunnies descend down the playing field and fall to their tragic deaths in the ice river their loss has a huge impact on your meter, until it is ultimately depleted and the game ends.

Boogie Bunnies is very easy and fun to play and the 3D cartoon graphics are really pleasant. Although the game is meant for kids starting from the age of three, you can still have fun with your friends thanks to the multiplayer mode which can grant you hours of laughter.

Help the Boogie Bunnies achieve their dream of superstardom as they shimmy shake their way through exotic, colorful destinations all the way to Hollywood. Only you can ensure they make it. In this revolutionary match-3 puzzle game, Boogie Bunnies lets you match up these wacky disco fur balls from three different sides—left, right, and from the bottom. Score chain combinations and watch them get their groove on. Let's get the party started!


  • Multiple game modes: Play this great match-3 game with a twist at your own pace in three different game modes, Classic, Arcade, and Endless
  • Exciting destinations: Travel with the bunnies to the Arctic, Amazon, and Hollywood as they adopt the local culture
  • Stylish 3-D bunnies characters: Discover new bunnies along the way from designer sunglasses-wearing bunnies to completely outfitted diva bunnies
  • Fancy dance animations: Set up extensive chain combinations to trigger the bunnies' creative dance moves to catchy tunes
  • Family fun play: Join the party online or offline in two-player cooperative or competitive mode for the whole family to enjoy

Boogie Bunnies


Boogie Bunnies

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